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Late XVII - early XVIII century

canvas, oil

87 х 165 cm

Inv.: 2691

On the pillar to the left is the signature: "Petrus Dandinius ciuis".

The subject is from the Old Testament (Dan. 5: 1-6). This picture in the Pushkin Museum has been signed with the artist's full name and it is a first-class example of easel painting.

The artist demonstrates his skill for composition with great flair in this instance and his uniquely individual manner of painting using free and dynamic strokes.

Provenance: acquired in 1930 from the collection of M.B.Benediktov (Moscow) in exchange for a picture of the Madonna and Child by a 14th-century Venetian painter, which had been donated to the Museum in 1909 by M.S.Shchokin (Inventory Number. in the Pushkin Museum - 38)

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