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school of


Second half of XVI century

canvas, oil

53,5 х 70,5 cm

Inv.: 101

In the past this work was attributed to Veronese himself, but Mariett (as early as the 18th century) assumed that the painter had been Carletto Cagliari; this idea won support from a number of scholars.

Provenance: in the collection of M. de Montarsis and then that of Croz in Paris; acquired for the Hermitage in 1772; in the Pushkin Museum inventory it is stated that "the work was acquired by the Rumyantsev Museum from the Chicherin Museum in Tambov"; in all probability the work had been sold by the Hermitage at an auction and then been transferred to the Chicherins' Karaul estate in the Tambov Province; from there it was transferred to the Tambov Museum and from thence to the Rumyantsev Museum in 1920; in the Pushkin Museum since 1924.

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